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Thanks for the Great Opportunity

It was an absolute pleasure to spend some time with the great inspectors and members of the Wisconsin Fire Inspector Association once again this year.  As promised here is our information on our power point presentation as well as resources.  Keep up the great work of keeping our built environment safe!

2012 Presentation

This program reviewed the needs for quality site plan review early in the process.  The class covered the IFC and NFPA documents as well as looking toward fire apparatus access roads, fire flow, water, and other factors considered in site plan review.

Site Plan Wisconsin Fire Inspector 2012

2011 Presentations

Basic Plan Review

This program covers the basic needs of plan reviewers and what is required on Site Plan, Life Safety, Sprinkler, Alarm, and even Wet-Chemical plan reviews.  The high level program provides an awareness to inspectors and marshal on minimum requirements.

Wisconsin Fire Inspectors Plan Review 101

Managing Your In-Bakset

Inspector’s, educators and fire marshals are challenged with multiple demands.  The demands vary as much as our profession.  Managing these demands through sound practices, systems, and filling are critical for all inspectors.  A basic course that provides tips that each inspector can do for improving there management.

Manage your in basket

2010 Presentations

Fire Prevention Customer Service

This one hour program looks at the roles of fire prevention in a community and its overall impact it can have.  The program gave five simple steps with real world examples on how to implement better customer service in fire prevention.  It is critical to remember that better customer service does not equal weak code adoption!

Customer Service for Fire Inspectors Wisconsin 2010 Education Conference

Fire Prevention on a Shoe String Budget

This program provided a summary on how to provide solid fire prevention in a limited budget.  The program discusses how to address staffing program, or material shortfalls that can occur during a budget shortfall.

The introduction program discusses options for the Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, or Public Education Specialist on addressing needs of a community and provide quality education, inspections, or address a growing fire concern in a community.

Fire Prevention on a shoestring (Wisconsin Fire Inspector 2010)


As discussed in the programs there are many programs for you to take advantage of.  Here are some of the resources availalbe

If you have some resources your would like to share with your peers please post them below in our comments!

Once again, thanks for all that you do and please make sure you sign up for our email list, follow us on Facebook, Friend us on Twitter, and check out our checklists!