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Who’s that Weenie

What’s a code weenie?  Well if you are an inspector most likely you know of one.  These are the people that inspector’s turn to when they need help.  A code weenie understands the intent of the code, they have participated in the code development process, and they have experience in administering the code and solving problems.  The code weenie plays a key role in helping others in the complex world of code enforcement. 

code weenieStarting this week we are finalizing our details and have a group of code experts that will help us give you that service (remeber we are about inspector helping inspectors).  The group is made up of code professionals from around the United States that are a bunch of code weenies in their own rights.  These are building officials, fire code officials, inspectors, plan reviewers, and consultants.  We have put this group together so we can learn from their knowledge and experience. 

 Here’s how it works; each week we will review a problem that is presented to the code weenies based on your questions.  Just email us your code question (try to be specific) and we will get the group to get an answer.  Send your questions to help@inspector911.com and make sure you include your contact information.  One item to include is the adopted code you are utilizing.  This will play a key part in providing useful information. 

The information presented by the group will always be our opinion.  If you don’t think we are correct, we will give you the ability to provide comments in the discussion forums or blog posts.  Remember to send us your questions regardless of how simple or complex you think they are.  We as a community can learn together on these questions. 

One last note, the talents of inspectors truly amazes me.  You can see that the code weenie (hot dog, with arms, legs, a personality, and THE CODE) is in graphic form.  These characters have been made available to us by one of our users, inspector, and building official Jim Rowell from Brighton MI.  Thanks to Jim for his time and I am sure he will make us laugh a little with his graphic representation of the code weenie!  (Check back on St. Pats Day!) 

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