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Whats your Bracket Look Like


Are you one of the millions who have watched the NCAA basket ball playoffs or filled out your bracket hoping your team can beat one of the number 1 seeds in the tournament?  What would happen to our industry if we had a National Championship for the best inspection division or the best inspector, building official, or plan reviewer?  Would we be able to say who the best is?

Lets just say we are going to take the top 64 inspection agencies across the United States and have them compete to see who the best truly is, how would we widdle the thousands of building departments and fire prevention bureaus down to just 64?  Would we utilize national standards, job performance, or employee performance appraisals to get the list down?  Maybe we can base the top 64 on the number of complaints filled, review the compliments received, or evaluate building (fire) loss in a community over the year.

Next we could have the agencies compete on things such as code administration, code application, and problem solving.  We would utilize scenarios to test the agency in different types of projects and evaluate their performance to their competitors.  We could even get Keith Jackson to commentate on the competitions.  The methods would repeat until the 64 is reduced to the Sweet 16, Elite Eight, and get to the final four.

I’m not sure if these methods would work or if it matters.  What truly matters is that our communities expect our local departments to be the best and they are the ones who rank our departments and inspectors.  We all know that homeowners see inspectors many time as obstructions.  I would have to say that there is general expectations that our citizens expect the inspection agencies to ensure that buildings will not fall down, doors will open, and systems will work.  There is an expectation that the buildings we inspect are safe for their family and our inspectors are of the highest integrity and ethical behavior.  Our inspectors are striving to educate themselves so they can provide the service of a number one seed.

So the answer to the question of who is the best inspector agency is simple.  We need to say it is ours.  We can compete with any similar agency in the United States for a national championship, that is what our community expects.

Could you imagine though, what would happen to our salaries if you were the number one electrical inspector or the number one plan reviewer in the united states.  Would your salary double?

If we were to develop a national standard for rating inspectors how would we do it?

(Go Michigan State!)

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  • Kevin Branch March 28, 2008, 6:52 am

    We here in Chesterfield, Virginia are top notch. I always said wouldn’t it be nice to have contracts such as a pro athlete. I would hope that I would at least be a late first round pick. My agent would request a signing bonus of a substantial amount along with a healthy salary and of course a very nice retirement package. We all, no matter what our field of service, want to think we would be a first round draft pick. I would dare say in today’s times especially with the current economic situation that we as code enforcers are really fighting an up hill battle. When cuts come, Operations will usually fair better than the “Supportive Divisions”. My boss was just telling me the other day that he had heard a speaker say when the nations fire service starts promoting more Fire Marshals to Fire Chief we will see a more proactive approach to fire prevention and community education. Our Fire Chief is awesome and a former Assistant Fire Marshal but was many years ago. We as underdogs need to keep plugging away and strive for the trophy and that really huge ring. The fire service is notorious for always doing more and more with less and less. Never give up and hopefully the Scouts will pick you up on their radar screen. No matter what, we are all champions.

  • Arsnman4 March 28, 2008, 2:05 pm


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