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Updated Site (Happy New Year)

Inspector911.com, the home for inspectors 

Welcome to 2008 the start of the first dynamic, interactive, and informative community for inspectors.  This is not intended for one type of inspectors.  It’s truly inspectors helping inspectors.  We have final updated the site.  It’s not quite done yet but the format is in place.  We are looking to make the podcast a regular feature and it will be titled Inspector Radio.  I am excited about the possible format and it will be taking our page and making it in the audio version. 

 Happy New YearThe big change to the site is the layout.  It is our hope that information will become easier to find.  Also as a community of inspectors we want you to have a chance to comment on our information (see below this post and follow the links) and ask questions of each other.   If you subscribe to the inspector’s report(our enews sent out weekly), utilize the message boards (forums), or just read this blog (and comment) your information is kept private.  It is not shared with anyone (we know how busy you are and email can really bog down an inspector). 

 Enjoy the updates, much more to come in 2008 and have a Happy New Year 

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  • Bill Gage January 2, 2008, 10:39 am

    I love the blog idea! Everybody…. start blogging!

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