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Update from the Code Floor

Large Numbers In Baltimore for Hearings

The International Code Council (ICC) is heading full steam into the 5th day of code change proposals.  Today’s hearings in Track 1 will feature IRC Building and include multiple proposals on the residential sprinkler requirements.  Track 2 completed the structural provisions of the IBC and will now move into the IECC.  The numbers estimated to be in attendance has forced a location change for the code hearings and Part II is now in the convention center to allow adequate space for the hearings in Part 1

The code development hearings will continue into the weekend up till the Annual Business Meeting and then restart next week.  The code development hearings will shape the 2012 editions of the ICC documents.

If you are not in Baltimore you can be apart of the code development process by reviewing the code changes and viewing the web-cast.  Just putting the web-cast on while you are doing reports or plan reviews can help you understand the background and intent of the various codes.

If you are a twitter user, you can follow the various code changes by tweeting with the hash tag #icccodes, or just check it our for your self if  you looking for more updates

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