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UL Web-Based Training for AHJ’s

Complimentary Courses Available from UL

By: Heather Kile

Reprinted courtesy of Underwriters Laboratory

In response to numerous requests from code officials, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is pleased to announce the launch of two Web-based training courses for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs). The courses are A Code Official’s Guide to UL and Achieving Code Compliance Using UL Fire Resistance Designs. According to Jim Beyreis, Vice President Technical Training, UL Global Fire & Security, “These courses provide training that will assist AHJs of all experience levels to better understand how UL certifications and fire resistance designs can help them achieve safe, code compliant installations.” A Code Official’s Guide to UL is an hour-long, self-paced course that is a valuable resource for code officials. Get the answers to a number of common questions about UL and key information, including:

  • An overview of UL and UL product safety standards.
  • How products become Listed and what Listing entails.
  • The information contained on a UL Mark and how AHJs can best utilize this information.
  • How to effectively use the UL Certifications Directory and Code Correlation Database during the plan review and approval process.

Regulatory support services available from UL.  Achieving Code Compliance Using UL Fire Resistance designs is an hour-long, self-paced course that provides a great overview of fire resistance, including information on testing and the role of UL Fire Resistance Designs in achieving code compliance.

Learn about:

  • Fire resistance construction and where it is used.
  • Building code requirements for fire resistance-rated construction.
  • How building assemblies are tested to establish their ratings.
  • How to access and locate construction material rating information in the UL Online Certifications Directory.

These courses were developed by collaboration between UL’s Regulatory Services Department and UL University.  Regulatory Services staff developed the technical content for the courses using input from a wide range of stakeholders.  UL University, an educator of choice for many, is an ideal partner for this collaboration. Their experience with developing and delivering training flexible enough to accommodate varying student needs has supported this outreach opportunity from the beginning.  “We are pleased to provide these initial Web based training courses for code officials,” said Howard Hopper, the UL Regulatory Services Manager who oversaw course development. “We are currently working on the development of additional Web based training programs designed to further meet the educational needs of individuals who have worked closely with UL for many years on our shared public safety mission.”

The UL University online training center can be accessed from UL’s home page by selecting “Training” from the list of UL services menu, or by going to www.uluniversity.com. As can be seen,the training center contains over 1,500 training courses covering a wide range of disciplines and subjects.

To access the two self-paced online courses mentioned above, first select your geographical location, then select courses under the Authority Having Jurisdiction heading. If you need assistance accessing the courses select the Questions/Contact us Link on the UL page, and feel free to review the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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  • Matt September 24, 2008, 10:22 pm

    Thanks for the heads up on this.

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