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The New Partnership

Enforcement and the Private Sector

The code community for years has worked to develop the partnership with the building owner (or occupant), the contractors who perform ITM work, and the adopted fire and building codes.  Many communities have been successful over the years, although there has never been a sustained third party-vendor who specialized in linking this communication.

I was excited to hear of additional users utilizing a third party ITM service and wanted to share this brief development between Inspection Reports Online (IROL) and a major southern city.  I know there are other competitors to IROL, this release struck me as a company which gets our role as inspectors.  So take a look below:

InspectionReportsOnline (IROL) is pleased to announce its partnership with the City of Tucson Fire Department!
The Tucson Fire Department was searching for a web-based inspection report management system to assist in increasing their fire prevention efforts. The TFD wanted a system that emphasized the organization of incoming Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM) reports for the fire protection systems in their communities and the ability to implement a self-inspection program for their building owners.

“The self-inspection program that IROL offers was a deciding factor for which web-based reporting system to use,” says Tucson Fire Systems Engineer Ken Brouillette. “TFD needed a new direction with our self-inspection program and IROL offered us a solution.”

IROL’s unique cloud-based system has been assisting in the inspection process for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), Service Providers (SP), and Commercial Property Owners/Occupants (PO) since 2010. Because it is the only web-based system allowing building and property owners to be actively involved with inspection management, retention, and overall compliance, IROL was the perfect fit for the TFD.

“We are honored for the opportunity to assist the City of Tucson’s Fire Department in their efforts to implement a web-based system,” says IROL Partner and Marketing Director Jill Cotton. “This program will allow the TFD to connect with their service companies and building owners, which will increase the overall compliance of fire and life safety protection systems. It’s about building safer communities and reducing the impact of fire; and through systems like IROL, we can achieve this goal.”

For more information about the IROL-TFD partnership, please call Jill Cotton at 331-454-7800 or email Jill at jcotton@irol-llc.net.

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  • Ricky Deaver December 5, 2014, 5:13 pm

    How effective is the self inspection program?Are the owners truly doing a good inspection?

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