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Smoke Alarms on Twitter

Do the Smoke Alarm Dance on Social Media

Many of us are on twitter and would like to put it too good use. Inspector911.com is trying to see if we can ever make something we need a trending topic. For those of you who are not on twitter, a trending topic shows up on the right hand side of the screen when there a lot of tweet (posts) which indicate the same key words.

Inspector911.com is trying to help remind the great people on twitter and beyond to check their smoke alarms.  Join us on twitter starting now, Friday and all day Saturday (you can post multiple tweets with the #smokealarm in the post).  Feel free to search the words smoke alarm and see what others are talking about.

If you need some information on smoke alarms check out our page dedicated to smoke alarms.  We all know the smoke alarms with residential sprinklers saves lives!

Give it a try and post this or some variation!

  • Check your smoke alarm today, just push the button and make sure it beeps #smokealarm
  • Push that button, check your smoke alarm #smokealarm
  • Don’t know how, push that button now, #smokealarm
  • RT@inspector911Don’t know how, push that button now, #smokealarm http://bit.ly/XGFg6

The hope is that we can hit the masses to test their smoke alarm and make a difference over one weekend.  Twitter membership seems to be doubling every couple of months.  Were else can you get a message out that quick?  You can follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/inspector911

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