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Seeking Experienced Fire Inspectors for Part Time Employment

InspectionReportsOnLine.net (IROL), a web based clearing house for life safety inspection reports or “Third Party Reporting” is looking for experienced fire inspectors to join their growing team!  This program is full of great opportunities and is a growing trend in our business.

IROL was developed specifically with the needs and requirements of the Fire Inspectors and AHJs in mind. Utilizing their site will:

  • Save time and costs in the processing of inspection reports
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase Code Compliance rates
  • Eliminate the need to file paper copies of reports (It’s Green)
  • Improve and make easier the communications between AHJs, Property Owners and Service Providers

And it is ABSOLUTELY FREE for Fire Prevention Bureaus and AHJs: No costs, No contracts, and No Commitments!

IROL is looking for 4-6 individuals that have life safety code experience and are familiar with inspection reports as well as the inner workings of Fire Prevention Bureaus. Good communication skills (people skills) are a must. IROL has a great team, full of energy, positive attitudes and we really love what we are doing.

The basic job description is as follows:

  • Learn the product, it’s easy and we’ll train you
  • Contact Fire Marshals, Fire Chiefs and Prevention Bureaus in your geographic area, either directly or by working through State and Regional associations
  • Set appointments for presentations, which can be in person or through Internet conferencing
  • Some regional travel will be necessary, an occasional trip to our office, and attendance at trade shows and conferences

Compensation will be discussed during interviews, however ALL expenses are covered, it includes a small salary and reoccurring commissions

Click here to learn more about IROL

Resumes may be mailed, faxed or emailed or you may call or email for more information.

1080 Corporate Blvd., Suite 200
Aurora, IL 60502
877-514-4765, Fax 877-714-4765

Jill Cotton – Marketing Director jcotton@irol-llc.net or info@irol-llc.net

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  • Neal A. Baluha November 25, 2011, 2:54 pm

    What Codes and Standards are being referenced in the data base. Is it the IFC, or NFPA 1, or both. What is the capability of your system to reference Codes or Standards that are not the most current editions. Is there a capability for referencing a combination of Codes and Standards ie: FL Building Code and NFPA Life Safety Code. Thank you in advance for your response. If there is a need to contact me to clarify my comments, plesase do not hesitate to call me 561-346-3444

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