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Welcome 2013!

Well on behalf of the code weenie and Inspector911.com I would like to thank all of you for a great 2012 and wish you a great year in 2013.

It seems that everyone is talking resolutions at this time of the year.  Resolutions around weight loss, fitness, education, updating web-page (I know its been 6 months), quit smoking, or even to get married.  Some resolutions seem to make it while others fizzle off by the end of the first week in January.

The question becomes what are your professional resolutions or goals for 2013?  Do you have goals for your department, organization, or association?  I have heard a couple great thoughts so far these include:

  • Increasing customer service at our front counter
  • Provide daily training to every inspector
  • Develop an active smoke alarm program
  • Obtain my ICC or NFPA certifications
  • Submit code changes to ________ on ________
  • Develop new partnerships with community organizations
  • Accreditation
  • Starting a political action committee
  • Stay employed….

To make these successful we must have manageable goals each week.  Take that pesky weight loss goal if we just look at loosing 30 lbs that is a huge goal where you will not see small successes.  Change that goal to loosing one pound a week and measure it each week (not each day).

Take time this week as you return to work to strategize and set goals for your professional development.  In the inspection world we have the never ending in-basket and its critical that we take time to challenge us professionally and look at making a difference beyond our daily inspections.

We would love to hear your personal, professional, or department goals!  Happy New Year!

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