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News for the Week of January 25, 2009

Pot Clubs to meet Code

Is This an A2 Occupancy?

The City of San Fransisco will now begin to regulate clubs for medical marijuana.  Get the 2005 law in place has been a bit political and somewhat delayed.  The clubs are to meet proper zoning and building codes which has created problems with the owners.

Most of the delays, according to pot club owners, stem from zoning rules, a requirement that the clubs be handicap-accessible and the fact that four city agencies are involved in the process. To receive a permit, the clubs have pay a $7,000 fee to the Department of Public Health and then gain approval from the Planning Department, the mayor’s Office on Disability and the Building Department.

Two Towns Consolidate Building Inspector

Decline in construction has Southborough and Ashland considering a merger between the two building and safety departments.  The current building inspector Peter Johnson plans to retire next month.  The two towns are considering sharing Ashland Building Inspector’s time between the two cities if an agreement can be reached.

Inspector Arrested

A Los Angles Fire Department inspector was arrested for allegedly accepting a bribe for a board and care facility.  The bribe was part of a sting operations by the LAPD.

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  • FM William Burns January 27, 2009, 1:28 pm

    It’s funny how all interested agencies want their money. I would hope that these facilities need to be barrier free since some of those customers packing their hookahs may be in wheel chairs. It’s coming to Michigan soon and I’m sure the same delays will be seen there too. The fire officials should also be included in the caveat of interested agencies since the potentials for fire are certain to increase in these assembly occupancies with the diminished/altered capacities of the occupants and the inevitable open flames, popping seeds (I’ve been told), floor covering ratings and smoking devices being used regardless of regulated sprinkler requirements.

    The health department concerns may be increased also by the potentials for food service (munchies) or mold development when the Bong water gets spilled from the customers too.

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