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News for the Week of August 3, 2009

Winds and Fire Cause Damage

Its being touted as a tale of two buildings.  A recent fire in the original portion of Arnold’s furniture store destroyed the space while the recent addition is still standing.  The addition to Arnolds furniture store was constructed in accordance with a current building code and  provided with a fire wall to separate the new addition from the existing building.   The site demonstrated the power of an automatic sprinkler system when installed with other protective measures.

The local media has indicated the original building is a total loss, while the new addition is slightly damaged although mostly intact.  Read the full story on how building and fire codes work!  See the AP video on the left of the page.

Tragedy at Outdoor Concert

During the Bigvalley Jamboree on Saturday, a storm was pushing toward the large outdoor event.  Event staff were in the process of advising the crowd to seek shelter when a large gust of wind topled the large stage used by musicians.  The event which took place in Camrose, Alberta is a yearly function an outdoor music festival and reports indicate that just over 70 people were injured and one person died from the collapsing state.

The event emphasis the important of having a plan for all outdoor events.  If you re involved with the inspections of temporary events, recommend that the event organizers have a plan in place for emergencies and severe weather.  NFPA 1600 can provide resources to event planners.

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