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News for the Week of October 13, 2008

This is the news for the previous week of October 13, 2008

The national fire academy has announced openings in many classes for the current semester.  If you are a building or fire code official you should look into attending one of the many classes at the NFA.  The cost is free (you have to may for meals and your travel should get reimbursed).  There are great classes on suppression systems, plan review, and safety.  It is also a great chance for building and fire code officials to team up and attend one of the programs.

Prior to the NFPA World Expo this year (hosted in Las Vegas), the NFPA standards council meet to discuss the fate of the protection standards for NFPA 1124 (Fireworks).  NFPA has long cautioned users about the sale, storage, and use of fire works.  The standard came under scrutiny and the final decision from the standards council has been published.

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