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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Sorry for the delay in the blog, I have looked past it because of working on the new site layout and also on my other website, which you can visit at Far & Away.  I probably should have just kept to the inspector thing and not tried to do web-development.  I think you will be impressed with the new site layout it is the level I expect it to be.

So we have been moving on the enews titled the Inspector’s report.  What a great tool this is becoming in getting timely information to you.  When a new user signs up, they will receive several new emails in the first week.  I have received more comments about the article on how to get around the code.  Did you know you can look at the archieve isssues for the report.

It looks like the first part of 2008 are going to be busy.  The NFPA regional code development groups are meeting, ICC Codes Forumis ready for February, and the Mississipi State Fire Academy is hosting a two day Fire Prevention Symposium.

In some future blogs you may hear some rants about the ICC codes forum and the schedule for the event.  It appears that if you want to be there for the fire code and the residential hearings about residential sprinklers then you have to go to all of the conference.  Way to box out those who are most interested in the topic ICC.  So the best bet may be to plan on attending the September Final Action Hearings and make sure residential sprinklers are in the 2009 residential code.

Have a great new year, and thanks for being a part of this site.  Feel free to post your comment down below.

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