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January Update from the ICC

International Code Council Update

New Chapter Benefits for 2010

For 2010, the Chapter Training Benefit will consist of one day of training at 50% off the listed price for courses and workbooks. Chapters of the International Code Council are entitled to a variety of complimentary and reduced rate benefits. To be eligible for benefits, your chapter must meet the requirements of CP #10-04 and have a current annual report on file.

First Integrated Green Construction Code Poised For 2010 Debut

The ICC launched its International Green Construction Code (IGCC) initiative on June 29th, which will reduce energy usage and the carbon footprint of commercial buildings. Entitled “IGCC: Safe and Sustainable by the Book,” the initiative is committed to develop a model code focused on new and existing commercial buildings.

Drafters of the International Code Council’s International Green Construction Code (IGCC) are nearing completion of the first-ever integrated green code for traditional and high-performance commercial buildings, set for a public release in March 2010.

New Chapter Area on ICC website:

The new website has an area for ICC Regional and Chapter News. Please visit this page for news and updates. If your Chapter has news to share, please forward to GR Regional Manager Corey Roblee CRoblee@iccsafe.org

Community Building Code Administration Grant Act (CBCAG) re-introduced into Congress. Please show your support by sending letters and a Supporting Resolution from your Chapter.

Code Development Hearing results available.

Code Adoption Tool Kit

The Code Adoption Toolkit contains briefing papers on technical issues, samples of ordinances, endorsements and support materials from national organizations.

ICC Offers 2006 Certification and Contractor Exams in 2010.

The ICC will continue offering National Certification examinations based on the 2006 International Codes throughout 2010 (entire year), via Paper-and-Pencil only. Contractor exams will continue to be available as described in the Contractor/Trades bulletins. Read more

Stimulus Tool Kit

Tools to help ICC members and member jurisdictions apply for funding available under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

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