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Its Fire Prevention Week

Stay Fire Smart Don’t Get Burned

Its Fire Prevention Week 2009 and many of you are busy with department open houses, public awareness, or education events.  The National Fire Prevention Association has many resources available to you to help make the week successful.  Its important to remember that this week is not limited to fire code officials and it takes all of us to make a difference.

All inspectors play a key role in helping raise awareness on fire prevention after all thats why we have building and fire codes.  Its all about life safety

Some Easy Steps to Make This Week Successful for Inspectors

We know that many of you have busy scheduled and did not schedule events for this week.  Thanks okay there is always next year, although here are some quick things you can do today or Monday morning:

  • Make sure the fire department open house includes information on codes, standards, or the permitting process.  This could include a table which states ask the expert, or provide free information on why permits are needed when remodeling occurs in a home.sidebysidenospr ff 2009
  • Have all inspectors check smoke alarms or leave information when completing inspections.  Lets just say a mechanical inspector is completing a mechanical inspection in the basement of an existing home.  As she completes the inspection leave the homeowner with a printout on checking smoke alarms, or go and push the button.  Think of how many smoke alarms could be checked this week alone.
  • Update your web-page to include information on Fire Prevention Week, Residential Sprinklers, or how codes and standards with proper inspection save lives
  • Forward a list of information and safety tips on to your community through local newspapers, community groups, or local email list
  • Learn how to deal with the aftermath of the fire. Call Akron window replacement specialists if the fire resulted in broken windows.

What is the Fire Problem

A quick message from the NFPA on fire prevention week


These are some other videos for you to use on the web or just to be prepared:

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