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International Code Council Government Relations Update

 Super Important: Deadline This Month For Voting Members

The Group C Committee Action Hearings will be held April 27–May 4 in Memphis, Tenn. ICC Governmental Member Primary Representatives must validate their Governmental Member Voting Representatives (“GMVR”) no later than March 28 for the GMVR to be eligible to participate in the Online Assembly Floor Motion vote that will follow the Committee Action Hearings.

Jurisdictions that are not currently Governmental Members wishing to be eligible to participate in 2014 Online Assembly Floor Motion vote, Public Comment Hearings, and Online Governmental Consensus Votes must apply for ICC Governmental Membership by March 28, and shall be required to designate their GMVR as noted above for the Online Assembly Floor Motion vote.

Other individuals or entities wishing to be eligible to participate in the 2014 Online Assembly Floor Motion vote must apply for ICC Membership by March 28. Details are available at www.iccsafe.org/EVDS (membership login required). Registration for the hearings is free and encouraged. Visit www.iccsafe.org/SpringHearings for details.

Memphis Committee Action Hearings Schedule Available

The Memphis hearings are an excellent way for code officials and sustainable building professionals to learn more about the IgCC and experience ICC’s new cdpACCESS in action.

Hearings will start at 1:00 pm on Sunday, April 27th. Prior to the hearings the Building Official, Fire Service, PMG Official and Sustainability Membership Councils will be holding meetings during the  Saturday/Sunday morning time period. Be sure to consult the Membership Councils webpage for details as they become available.

The code change volume is such that a single track will be utilized. The IgCC – General hearing will start at 1:00 pm on Sunday, April 27th.The IgCC – Energy/Water hearing will start no earlier than 1:00 pm on Wednesday, April 30th, as indicated on the schedule. The schedule anticipates that the hearings will finish by 2:00 pm on Saturday, May 3rd. View the full schedule here: http://www.iccsafe.org/cs/codes/Documents/2012-2014Cycle/2014%20CAH%20hearing%20schedule.pdf

Building Safety Month Promotional Materials Available

ICC’s annual safety campaign held each May includes educational and informational resources to help ICC Members and others increase public awareness of building safety.  This year’s theme is Building Safety:  Maximizing Resilience; Minimizing Risks.  Promotional materials include a proclamation, news release, activities and stickers for youngsters, posters and brochures. Printed campaign materials are available for purchase at the ICC Store and many items are free and downloadable. Click here for details: http://www.buildingsafetymonth.org, or view the attached PDF file for a list of the available materials. 

Positions on Code Committees Still Open!

The International Code Council is seeking volunteers to serve on Code Development Committees, the Code Correlation Committee and Code Interpretation Committees for the 2015-2017 Code Development Cycle. Both new and veteran committee members must complete an application. Applications for committee service are due by June 2. Click here to apply for a committee: http://www.iccsafe.org/CC/Pages/calls.aspx

Call for 2014 Annual Conference Presentations

The International Code Council Training and Education department is looking for presenters for education programs at the 2014 Annual Conference. The education program theme for this conference will be Accessibility. Click here for details: http://www.iccsafe.org/Education/Pages/Call-Presentations.aspx?r=presentations

When Disaster Strikes Institute Event March 12-13, 2014 in Dulles, VA

Learn the critical elements and resources needed to assist communities after a natural disaster. Don’t miss this two-day, interactive event with expert instructor Mike Rimoldi, who has more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry and is an ICC Certified Building Official, Certified Floodplain Manager and a disaster response inspector. If you are interested in attending please click on the following link for more information: http://media.iccsafe.org/CG/14-09089_TE_2014_WDS_03/index.html.

ICC-ES Evaluation Report of the Month: PMG-1059

It’s March, and that can only mean the best holiday in the world is coming up: St. Patrick’s Day! But you don’t want all that spilled Guinness to stain or ruin your deck or your carefully installed and lovingly cared for ceramic tile flooring, so what do you do? Install some NobleSeal waterproofing membrane, of course! But wait…if you do that, even if you install it properly, does that comply with the 2012 IBC and IPC? Thanks to ICC-ES’s evaluation report, you don’t even need to think twice before carelessly imbibing, because you can rest assured that it does. Take a look at it here: http://www.icc-es.org/Reports/pdf_files/load_file.cfm?file_type=pdf&file_name=PMG-1059.pdf. Sl

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