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International Code Council Final Action Hearings

Final Action Hearings to Conclude this Week

The International Code Council is currently 1/2 way thru the final action hearings in Dallas Texas.  The final action hearings for the A group of code changes began Sunday May 16, 2010 and will conclude this Sunday.  These code changes are various items that recieved public comment after the Code Development process last fall in Baltimore.  The final changes will make up the 2012 editions of the ICC code group.

The hearings have heard changes on the International Building Code, International Mechanical Code, and International Plumbing Code.  It is expected that the hearings will begin this afternoon on the International Fire Code and the Residential Code should begin on Thursday.

This week there are over 900 people registered to take part in the hearings, although many votes have been cast with less then 40.  This includes consultants, governmental members, special interest, and many others.  If you tune into the web-cast, you will see that there are many opinions given during the testimony.  Its important to remember that only governmental members can vote during the actual action on the various motions.

If you are not at the hearings tuning into the web-cast can provide a great resource to inspectors.  It will give you an idea on what takes place to make “the code” and how the process works.  Its also a great avenue to understand the intent behind many code changes.

What do you think of the process?

Is there a code change you have concern over?

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  • Michael O'Brian May 19, 2010, 5:43 pm

    Just an update, the code hearings are still pushing thru the FS, in fact at FS 156 right now, should start Fire Code tonight, maybe…..

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