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Inspectors Report

There are many ways you can stay up to date on issues that affect our industry and the changes that occur on Inspector911.com.  First you can subscribe to our email list by using the form below, subscribe to our RSS feed, or even sign up to receive our pod-casts through I-tunes.

Inspector’s Report

Our email list is sent out no more then three times a week.  The inspector’s report brings you timely news and happenings in our code discussion area.  We are proud to keep your email addresses private and will never utilize them outside of the inspector911.com.

The process is quite simple to get on our list, first complete the form below.  After you have completed the form, an email will be sent to the address you provided.  Inside that email is a link you must click on in order to confirm your request.  This keeps spam down and ensures our email makes it into your email box (you can also add our email to your address book to ensure proper delivery)

You can view past copies of the Inspector’s Report here (please note the links were correct at time of distribution and may have changed.  We recommend you search the main site if you find link problems).

RSS Feed

Rss Feed for Inspector911.com is found in the upper corner of almost every page.  This is a great way to subscribe and see the post changes on the site.  If you don’t know what RSS fees are, click here for informaiton on RSS feeds

Itunes Subscription

Our podcast can be found on Itunes and many other aggreagators.  Use the links below to subscribe to this great podcast.