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If It’s Green It Must Meet Code

Green for Operations and Inspectors

On Thursday August 26, 2010 Michael O’Brian, the founder of www.inspector911.com will be presenting at Fire Rescue International (FRI) in Chicago Illinois. The program is aimed at discussing the challenges a Fire Marshal, Inspector, and Fire Chief are challenged with when enforcing model building and fire codes with growing green issues facing fire department’s today.

The program will discuss real examples of implementation where adopted fire and building codes are lacking substance in supporting the new technologies. In addition the program is intended to provide a plan of action for communities faced with the changing built environment as well as how are operations staff are faced with these challenges.

After the presentation a copy of the power point and resources will be added to the site so the information can be shared.

If you are at FRI please stop by on Thursday at 1:00 pm session W41 or if your Fire Chief is attending, please encourage them to attend the session.

If you were attending the program what would your expectations be?

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  • Nick Markowitz Jr August 24, 2010, 1:38 pm

    Green is a good thing but unfortunately back during the Carter administration all kinds of new fangled energy saving devices came out on the market many of them proved not to work and even waste energy and in some cases they contributed to fires and deaths.
    Lets hope this latest green effort has learned its lesson when making these new codes and encouraging green actions.

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