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ICC Committee Action Hearing

International Fire Code and Residential Energy

The ICC Committee Action hearings for the Group B cycle are live and going strong for a couple days now.  The room is full of industry, inspectors, and code professionals who are working to make a difference and continue our great work of providing the best codes for our communities.

I know you are all very busy but I wanted to send a link to the webcast of the ICC hearings along to you. The IFC will be meeting today (Tuesday) through Thursday evening.

It is a great chance to see how codes are developed in the ICC process.  If you are in the office, log in and take a look, this will help with understanding the intent of the codes you use on a daily basis.

Just an FYI and share with anyone that might be interested to take a look how the process works:

Info on the future of remote voting. This will be tested at the ICC meeting in Atlantic City in October.

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