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How to Use Your Online Degree to Become an Inspector

What does a degree do for the Inspector

This guest post is contributed by Sally Davison, she writes on the topic of fire science degree . She welcomes your comments.

It’s something of an irony that we don’t often realize the value of fire inspectors unless they fail to do their job well, because that’s when fire accidents happen and lives, livelihoods and property are lost.

A fire inspectors’ job is to ensure that a location is safe from fire accidents, and that in case a fire breaks out, the exits are well defined and that people can be evacuated quickly and safely, and that there are adequate fire-fighting provisions placed at strategic locations in the building so that initial control measures can be taken.

They must ensure that fire codes (both state and federal) are met, in both new and old buildings, and in case of violations, they must ensure that they are resolved quickly and with the minimum fuss.

  • A fire inspector’s life does not involve the danger aspect that is part of a firefighter’s job; however, their educational qualifications must be impeccable and training adequate for them to secure a well-paying and respectable job. So if you’re interested in becoming a fire inspector, here’s what you need to know:
  • While a high school diploma is often enough to qualify for the fire inspector certification program, it is advisable to enroll yourself in an online bachelor’s program in fire science. Most employers prefer people who hold at least one degree; also, it’s easier to climb up the professional ladder when you’re educationally qualified.
  • You must take the certification exam to qualify to work in your state; and as with any certification process, it is necessary to continue with your learning and training on the job to keep up to date with the skills and knowledge needed to do your job well and stay certified throughout your career.
  • Some people choose to become a firefighter first before they move on to working as a fire inspector because they feel the hands-on experience helps, so if you prefer this route, start out by fighting fires.
  • A master’s degree in fire science or a fire management graduate program can open up opportunities in the higher echelons of management in the fire science industry.

So based on your current position in the industry, decide what you want to do and then find out how to get there.

How to choose the best online fire science degree

There are various options when you choose to study online:

  • Find a course that’s offered by a reputable college and one that’s accredited.
  • Look through the curriculum – it must be expansive and include both practical and theoretical aspects of fire science. In general, quality fire science programs teach you how to manage and investigate scenes of fire. Look for a program that gives you a comprehensive fire education in all kinds of situations – chemical spills, hazardous waste disposal leaks, aircraft safety, earthquake risk of fire, high rise building fire incidents, and others.
  • Check if the program offers courses in the legal issues raised by fire safety and accidents, building codes, government regulations, technology in fire science, fire safety standards, and safety and precautionary measures to avoid fire accidents.
  • Some programs teach forensics and how to investigate arson – so if you’re interested in this line of work, choose such offerings.
  • While most online programs allow you to complete your education entirely online, it’s best to choose a course that has a practical segment at a location near you. Hands-on experience helps you gain better skills and understand your subject more thoroughly.

It takes dedication and discipline to make an online degree work for you, especially if you’re working and studying simultaneously.

So plan your days, set aside time for study, and get through your program in quick time.

This guest post is contributed by Sally Davison, she writes on the topic of fire science degree . She welcomes your comments.

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  • Jason Forgette June 7, 2011, 3:06 pm

    Awesome article, Sally! I believe that online courses and degree programs are the avenue by which all working professionals, especially those in the technical or skilled trades, can improve their performance and chances for success.

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