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House Pases Code Grant

House approves legislation to assist communities with codes

Washington, DC

The U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation that will help communities across the country adopt and administer building codes to save lives and protect property. The Community Building Code Administration Grant (CBCAG) Act, sponsored by Congressman Dennis Moore (D-Kan.), would provide awards to local governments to establish and enforce building safety and fire prevention codes. CBCAG funds would be used to recruit, hire, train and equip “First Preventers,” building and fire safety officials who prevent harm by ensuring compliance with safety codes before disasters occur. The bill now goes to the Senate.

“We are very excited that the House of Representatives passed the CBCAG Act,” said International Code Council CEO Rick Weiland. “This legislation provides desperately needed resources to many vulnerable communities that do not have the trained personnel or tools to translate safety codes into proper compliance. With the bill moving through the Senate, we are inching closer to the major goal of supporting our First Preventers in the vital roles they play in protecting the public through implementation of building and fire safety.”

“Government at all levels is recognizing the central role in public safety performed by code adoption and code compliance,” said Code Council President Steve Shapiro, who is Director of Codes Compliance for Hampton, Va. “The safety value of building and fire codes as well as the essential job done by code officials, America’s First Preventers, to prevent harm to people and property come into sharper focus when lawmakers consider how best to protect the public at home, at school, at work and at play.”

In the Senate the measure is expected to be referred to the Banking Committee where the Senate’s version of the bill is being considered. The Banking Committee could act on the House or Senate version of the bill before it passes out of committee and goes to the full Senate for a vote

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