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Free ICC Codes

A Great Resource for Communities (Video Tutorial)

The International Code Council (ICC) working with Ecodes has made available multiple editions of the ICC code products for free.  The services provides a free level and a paid level depending on the level of service you would like to have.  This is a great resource for communities to utiilze when they offer a verision of their code as part of the adoption process.

For instance, a local building official was adopting proposing to the board that the new 2009 IBC be adopted.  A council member asked if the code documents were easily accessible by the public?  The building official highlighted they are always available for purchase, at the clerks office, and a free view is on the internet (referring to ecodes.biz).

The free codes do have some limitations.  Only one section is available at a time, there are no search capabilities, and its hard to flip the pages.  There is no doubt that the free ecodes come in quite handy if you are looking for the newest version or just looking at a document you don’t use regularly.  

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