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Faces of Fire

National Fire Protection Association Launches New Campaign

The NFPA launched its new campaign to bring a face to the life saving impact of home fire sprinklers.  The new web-page serves as a resource to building departments, citizens, fire officials and decision makers on the power of home fire sprinklers.

The site is loaded with resources which show the devastating effects that home fires have on people, communities, and responders.

Each year, about 3,000 people in the United States die in home fires, accounting for 80 percent of all fire deaths. By containing fires before they spread, home fire sprinklers protect lives and property. Sprinkler opponents are spreading misleading information and raising false questions about sprinklers in the minds of consumers and municipal bodies. Such tactics of delay and defeat can cost lives.

NFPA is fighting back by sharing research-based information, advocacy tools and now, personal stories of those affected by home fires.

Visit the site and take advantage of these powerful tools.


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