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Does This Meet Code 18

Its Only a R-1 Hallway

Recently at a short stay in a local hotel, I came across this scenario.  The Chemicals were delivered from a parcel delivery company and I watched the interaction with staff.  The product is located outside of a maintenance room, in a hallway immediately adjacent to sleeping rooms in a Hotel.

This product remained in the hallway overnight and was found in the same location in the morning, so Does This Meet Code and if not, how would you cite this?

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  • Chris Shay April 25, 2013, 1:33 pm


    It has been a some time that we have had a DTMC photo. My thoughts to this are,
    1. The buckets are blocking egress.
    2. The buckets are stacked to high, and could fall over on to a person.
    3. What is the product?
    4. Left overnight, not in an occupied R-1

    • Michael O'Brian April 25, 2013, 3:52 pm

      Chris, your right, Im trying to get back going…. The key is look at the bottom bucket these are corrosive liquids….

  • Jeff Thompson April 25, 2013, 1:40 pm

    Basically from ” nothing is supposed to be in the means of egress except that is meant for egress purpose. ” NFPA 101 Chapter 7 section 7.1.10 Means of Egress Reliability.* General. Means of egress shall be continuously maintained free of all obstructions or impediments to full instant use in the case of fire or other emergency.

  • Mike Lewis April 25, 2013, 1:54 pm

    NFPA 101 8.7 states in part that protection is required where the degree of hazard is greater than that normal to the general occupancy of the building and that protection needs to be a 1 hour rated wall seperating the maintenance area, where these chemicals should be placed, from the occupancy area. Additionally, they are an impediment to egress.

  • Patrick G. Collier . . . Irish April 25, 2013, 5:30 pm

    The Hotel corridor is not a storage point for anything, especially maintenance chemicals. who’s to say if they fall, break open and mix . . . should they. It goes from one hurt to a whole hotel contaminated. The manner in which they are stacked is not safe at all. They are in the path of what looks like a point of convergance, so more than just a few people could be inconvenienced in a time of crisis. If one of those top 5 gallon buckets fall from the point are at now, on a child or an elderly person . . . there’s going to be some serious injuries as they absorb the hit.
    I concur with my bretheren Chris, Mike, & Jeff, wrong in oh so many ways.
    This could be called out by any body with common sense, The Hotel Manager, FD crews on a follow up to a trouble alarm, anybody. Correct it now and not wait to send the Inspector there. Correct it immediately but let the F.I. know.

  • C. Wayne Boss, ICC Certified Fire Inspector II, Phoenix Fire Dept. - Div of Fire Prevention (Retired) April 25, 2013, 7:08 pm


    I see several potential problems here:

    First off, obstruction of any kind in means of egress as I have always understood the Code …is prohibited, regardless of duration. Of course the greater the hazard of the stored material in question, the greater the potential problem.

    Secondly, The containers are combustible and the plastic they’re made of will contribute smoke to the atmosphere with-in the egress envelope. Right now the problem is contained, but should the containers be attacked by fire and the contents released and allowed to spread… the severity of the hazard will also spread. I see sidewall sprinkler heads in the hallway which may eventually activate and keep smoke contribution to a minimum, but

    Thirdly, there is also potential for respiratory injury depending on the nature/level of corrosivity of the material in the containers. I notice that there are different colored labels on some of the buckets and different colored buckets which may indicate different products that could mix with the corrosive products and cause an even greater threat within the egress envelope that may or may not also be exacerbated by the addition of water from an automatic fire sprinkler discharge .

    Bottom line “storage of anything in the path of Egress is a Non-compliant condition that should be removed to a place of proper storage immediately!”

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