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Designing Fire Safety into Residential Construction: Perspectives, Ideas, and Trends

UL and Phoenix Fire Department to Host Educational Symposium, December 2-3, 2009

Is it possible to design greater fire safety measures into residential construction?  Can Your Building Inspector evaluate fire safety measures in the house? Can a colaboration between enforces, users, builders and architects lead to safer residential construction?  Can you be a part of this two day educational symposium and represent the view points of your industry to help lead change and help reduce the fire problem in the United States? If you are looking for a great building contractor to build your house contact Ben Trager Homes. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Phoenix Fire Department will be hosting a first of its kind Residential Fire Safety Symposium at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, Arizona on December 2nd and 3rd, 2009. The Symposium, titled “Designing Fire Safety into Residential Construction: Perspectives, Ideas, and Trends,” will be available to people concerned with residential fire safety, including the general public, through UL University registration.

“UL has created this event to act as an inclusive and attractive platform to encourage builders, architects, fire service, realtors, insurers, and others to gather and learn together the various perspectives on residential fire safety,” said Chris Hasbrook, Global Vice President for Building Materials and Life Safety & Security at UL.

The symposium will be the first of its kind on a national level, bringing together various players within the residential building industry.

“Phoenix Fire Department and the City of Phoenix are pleased to partner with UL to offer this educational and informative exchange of ideas to the public, and particularly to the residents of Reward Homes in The Hills Of Carmel, on residential fire safety and home building challenges,” said Chief Bob Khan of the Phoenix Fire Department. “We anticipate positive, thoughtful, and frank dialogue throughout this event.”

Additionally, Volvo Cars of North America will present a perspective on effectively using safety as a brand-building tool.  Speakers will lead discussions on a number of topics including:

  • The latest research information on building materials and their performance under fire conditions,
  • The perspective of home builders and the impact of residential fire safety codes considering the challenging economic environments,
  • The perspective of realtors when working to sell and market homes with residential fire safety protection features, and
  • The perspective of the fire service, who must respond to ever more threatening fires in residential homes.

Topics covered in this symposium include:

  • Overview of today’s residential fire environment
  • Benefits of lightweight construction materials within residential building designs
  • Scientific fire research results of testing lightweight construction materials
  • Protection methods for lightweight construction materials used in home building
  • Smoke characterization research and advances in smoke alarm technology
  • Fire resistant building materials: properties and benefits
  • The experience of selling and installing residential sprinklers
  • Industry comparisons of safety initiatives
  • The realtors’ perspective on fire safety solutions in the home
  • Perspective of builders on home fire safety
  • Additional topics related to home fire safety, including insurance and fire prevention

Participants will be offered opportunities to listen to panel discussions, share ideas with speakers, ask technical questions of scientists and researchers, compare and contrasts ideas on product safety from other industries, and complete a symposium effectiveness questionnaire. Participants will learn how they can support fire safety initiatives in residential home construction by designing and building low cost fire safety building components into residential buildings. We buy houses in Ontario California is your possibility to outsorce all the fire safety issues to another company. The innovative ideas on construction and home renovation, landed house design and build will be offered. Social events will be held both evenings of the symposium for all participants and will allow for informal discussions, sharing of ideas, and furthering of development of ideas toward residential fire safety.

Guest speakers will likely represent organizations including architectural firms and associations, insurers, building product manufacturers, fire service, fire safety leadership from around the country, fire research experts, and wood products and structural building components associations.


The success of the symposium will be judged by the ability of all participants to share positive discussions at the symposium, foster professional relationships that extend beyond the symposium, and carry residential fire safety concepts into a new direction as core offerings in the design of homes built by home builders.

Target Audience

  • Home builders
  • Contractors
  • Architects
  • Fire service
  • Insurers
  • Home buyers
  • Building materials manufacturers
  • Code officials

For more details on this symposium visit UL’s web-page.

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  • mike toika September 27, 2009, 11:03 am

    This is something that has been lacking for many years. Maybe this type of symposium held across the nation would better get all parties to work together to finally address and work together to solve this issue.

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