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Dance King Fire, China

Can we learn from fires which occur thousands of miles away?  Can fires which happen over seas affect the administration of our codes and standards?  Recently a major fire occurred in China which killed many people was not highly publicized in the major US media markets.

Recently a fire is sparked by a performer in a China Nightclub resulting in 44 deaths and almost 100 injuries.  The fire which sounds vaguely familiar to the Station Nightclub Fire took place at the Dance King in city of Shenzhen, near Hong Kong.  The fire started late on September 20, 2008 and details are limited due to the government officials in China.

Many of the deaths are due to the unlicensed club’s in adequate egress systems.  Party goers seem to express that aisles were to limited and people were crushed under the stampede to exit the building.  The fire is the latest in a string of fires which have killed hundreds of people in China’s commercial buildings and serves as a reminder of how important our building and fire codes truly are.

This fire is the latest in a series of deadly assembly fires in China and serves as a reminder that strict enforcement of international fire and building codes is critical in ensuring the safety of people throughout the world.

What lessons can we learn from these devastating fires?  Are there code changes that can be evaulated due to the findings of these tragic events?

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