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Commission on Professional Credentialing (CPC) Launches New Designation

The Commission on Professional Credentialing (CPC) is pleased to announce the launching of the Fire Marshal (FM) Designation. Rick Mason, CFO, Chair, CPC said “when contemplating what the next professional designation should be the Commission on Professional Credentialing was quick to embrace the Fire Marshal Designation…it makes sense that those who enforce our fire codes, teach citizens fire prevention, and find the cause of destructive fires should have a professional designation. Having the designation will both show professionalism of the individual as well as the professionalism of the department.”

The designation was created following the “whole” officer model the Commission developed in 2000 for the Chief Fire Officer (CFO) credential. The program is a verification and recognition of past accomplishments and a starting point for future achievements. There are minimum eligibility requirements in the form of academic achievements and practical experience. In addition, the process also assesses contributions to the fire prevention field in the way of professional articles, public speaking, teaching and research as well as professional memberships, community and civic involvement and technical competence all of which is peer reviewed. The program also offers an excellent road map for someone choosing to move up in fire prevention.

To initiate the Fire Marshal (FM) Designation process the candidate must assemble a portfolio demonstrating excellence in seven key areas: Experience, Education, Professional Development, Professional Contributions, Professional Memberships and Affiliations, Community Service, and Technical Competencies. Those exhibiting extensive experience and educational background may meet the eligibility requirements to exempt them from having to complete the technical competency section.

In addition, fire prevention officers who have a valid International Code Council (ICC) Fire Marshal Certification will have an advantage when they seek the Fire Marshal Designation through CPC. The ICC certification acknowledges credentials and competencies to serve as a Fire Marshal. The CPC recognizes anyone holding a current ICC Fire Marshal Certification as having the technical competencies in building and fire code administration necessary for the Fire Marshal Designation.

When asked about this new designation, Chief Randy R. Bruegman, CFO, CPSE President stated “The introduction of the Fire Marshal credential is yet another step for the Center for Public Safety Excellence and the Commission on Professional Credentialing (CPC) to recognize current leaders and provide a means to assist others in their professional development in the future. We recognize the critical importance that fire and life safety prevention has in the fire service today. It is imperative that we recognize those in leadership positions who have committed to obtaining the needed qualifications, experience and education to achieve success in this field of endeavor. As importantly, that we provide a road map that will support a career development for young officers today, who aspire to become Fire Marshals in the future. I am very proud of the work that was done by the Commission and I would encourage every Fire Chief to encourage their Fire Marshal to undertake this credentialing process.”

To learn more about the Fire Marshal designation or to begin the application process, please visit their website.



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  • The other Mark S August 15, 2011, 2:26 pm

    Yet another set of initials that you can buy to put after your name. In review of their website it appears that an arbitrary board of retired Fire Chiefs looking for something to do after their retirement thought it would be a good idea to come up with a certification program. How about a certification or education program that is recognized in all 50 states. The State Fire Marshall offices of individual states cannot agree on what certification or education they want to recognize when it comes to Chiefs, Fire Marshals or for that matter fire inspection professionals.
    In this time of low budgets we need to look at what codes and standards are being adopted throughout the country. Will this certification replace or be equal to a certification from the ICC or NFPA? Is this certification recognized by the State Fire Marshall’s office of your state?
    As a profession we need to look at what we can use in our job. I had a boss that said “how will and expenditure cut cost, be a benefit to the fire department, and make our life easier? Right now I don’t see this certification process doing any of that.
    I wish this organization well with their endeavor.

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