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Call for Presentations

Vision 20/20 is seeking proposals for presentation at the 2012 National Symposium on Model Performance in Fire Prevention.

Vision 20/20 is a collaborative effort to bridge the gap in fire prevention in the United States. It is sponsored by the Institution of Fire Engineers U.S. Branch and funded through Fire Prevention and Safety Grants by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Presentations may be submitted from local and state fire prevention officials, researchers, or other prevention advocates. Prevention projects or programs must have demonstrated some level of effectiveness at meeting specific objectives.

Model programs will be presented that are representative of all disciplines of fire prevention:

  • Engineering (plan review programs, new technologies, etc.)
  • Enforcement (fire code adoption, administration or enforcement)
  • Education (may include multi-hazard education as long as fire is part of the program)
  • Fire investigation
  • Infrastructure (training, data collection and analysis, use of resources, etc.)

Model programs may also be presented that represent the strategies of Vision 20/20. Those strategies are:

  • Strategy 1: Prevention Advocacy
  • Strategy 2: Prevention Marketing
  • Strategy 3: Prevention Culture
  • Strategy 4: Prevention Technology
  • Strategy 5: Prevention Codes and Standards

For complete details visit their web-page!


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