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Do you have a message that needs to get out to Inspectors across the globe?

Why not use inspector911.com to help you with that challenge.

I started inspector911.com in December 2006 but it is already at more than 15,000 page views per month and over 500 subscribe to our email list with, numbers that increase daily.

Inspector911’s audience is

  • Fire Inspectors and Fire Marshals
  • Consultants
  • Building Officials and Inspectors
  • Plan Reviewers
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Inspectors
  • Those interested in building safety, fire prevention, and code administration

Topics Discussed:

  • Building Safety and Fire Prevention
  • Code administration
  • Use of building and fire codes or standards
  • Application of codes
  • Building better inspectors

What people are saying about Inspector911.com

  • This site is a great resource for inspectors across the globe.
  • Your emails provide the information that inspectors need in a short email that fits into an inspectors daily schedule.
  • The content on this site brings me back every day.

Your advertising campaign can be textual, image ads, or product reviews.

Image Ads on the site:

  • 125×125 ad block (Some banner ads are available)
  • above the fold
  • right-hand side, immediately next to the most recent article
  • link back to your landing page URL
  • offered on a weekly or month-by-month basis

Text ads on Inspector911.com RSS (email feed)

Advertise your website through a text link on the Inspector’s feed. It is published weekly and your ad (with a short tag line) will have complete ownership of that ad space for an entire month.

Product or Service Review

Advertise your website, product or service by purchasing a Inspector911.com review. The review will remain at the top of the blog page for at least 24 hours. The review will be 500 words or more and I do a maximum of 2 reviews per month.


Please contact us and we will let you know about availability and if your request is possible.  In addition a campaign may be aimed during a certain period of the year such as fire prevention week.

Send us an email (mobrian@inspector911.com) and lets get your campaign rolling today!