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Information, News, Training, and Checklists for Inspectors

You may be a new building inspector, a long-term fire inspector, or proactive Fire Marshal in a suburban community, then this site is for you.  We all are doing more work with less, being asked to stay current on decreasing budgets.  Inspector911.com is the site to help you with relavent content to aid in your daily business of Inspectors.

[I911.com] is designed to assist inspectors in their daily activities.  The site includes

Inspector911.com is the place where you can get up to date news stories, ask questions, lend your expertise, or stay on top of the inspection world.

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About Inspector911.com Founder Michael O’Brain

Inspector911.com was founded in 2004 by expert Michael O’Brian who deeply understands the day to day challenges of code implementation and administration.

This site is a small demonstration of the Michael’s passion for providing relevant content to inspectors across the world.  As a practicing municipal Fire Chief Mr. O’Brian understands the needs of our industry and you will find his approach to be well rounded based on sound experience and exposure to the industry.

Michael has been featured on

  • Firehouse.com
  • Plumbing and Back-flow Magazine
  • State and National Organizational Meetings

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Legal Notice

Remember that the views and opinions found here on Inspector911.com are that our opinions.  Although many of our items are based on language from codes and standards, the views found here should not replace your code enforcement methods to be in accordance with the appropriate adopted code.