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2010 What Was Hot

2010 was a banner year here at Inspector911.com and we have many great things in store for 2o11.  In reviewing our data for the previous year we found some interesting trends in clicks and what the site is used for.

These FACTS are complied and here for your viewing pleasure

Top Posts

  1. Does This Meet Code 12 which discusses flexible arm-over sprinkler installations and the challenges if not properly installed
  2. Watch the Station Night Club Fire Video till you Understand it was a guest post from our Friend Dave Statter with Statter911.com which relieved the challenges of this tragic fire.
  3. Does This Meet Code 13, reviewed the red goop syndrome.  This is viewed by every inspector and is a challenge to make sure the product is installed in accordance with manufacture recommendations.
  4. The Final Inspection, a post which provided a broad overview of what is necessary to get that one piece of paper, the Certificate of Occupancy

Top Pages:

This is easy for #1.  Yup our checklist page.  One of the most comprehensive on the web and grows with every post.

Can you guess what number 2 is?

Top Referres

Referres are the friends in the cyber world that pass our email on, include links on their sites, or just a friendly repost of our content.

  1. The Michigan Fire Inspector Society, I am a little partial to this stat but I did not think it was as high as it is in 2010.
  2. Statter911 an all around great site sent us over 500 hits this year.  Thanks Dave!
  3. Wikipedia has sent us many hits.  This is a reference on “What is an Inspector”

Top Search Terms

Okay this I had to smudge the list a little bit.  The top search term is the name of the site and variations of it, so what is next?

  1. Free NFPA Codes, well I know the sales staff at NFPA are not happy with this, but it is a high hit every day
  2. Forward Flow Test, which is talking about the testing requirement for underground fire protection leads
  3. Smoke Alarms: I am happy that this happened because we have a great page just for smoke alarms, so go and check yours today!

Well its all in the data.  Thank you for helping us out over the year!  Did you have a favoriate post of 2010, is there a topic you think we should be exploring?

Happy New Years from Inspector911.com and the Code Weenie!

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    • Kurt Bortels December 30, 2010, 9:52 am

      Enjoy all the great information and the moderator is a real wiz!
      happy new year everyone!

    • Mike Toika December 30, 2010, 10:44 am

      Happy New Year Everyone, be safe

    • Mikey January 2, 2011, 4:27 pm

      Thanks everyone and have a great and safe 2011

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