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2008 Where Did it Go

2008 Year in Review Did it Meet Code?

If 2008 had a different Chinese name it would most likely be Sprinklers.  The year had many changes to International Codes which will affect they way we build buildings in the near future.  Inspectors from across the world have continued to build this community and to use technology to interact with other professionals.

When we look at code development, there was an influx of inspectors and enforcers at code development meetings which has lead to the influence of our voice.  In 2008 we saw the changes to this site which allows for greater interaction amongst all of you.  Updates to our discussion areas and the ability to comment directly to posts and other stories on the web!

What are some of the big topics from 2008

  • Our Top Post (As rated by you) has been our Checklist section.  The space is always under development and is a great space to share resources that help us all do our jobs
  • The New Section “Does this Meet Code” has provided some insightful comments and thoughts from all of you.  We have many planned for 2009 and I am sure the comments will get more witty as time goes by
  • The story which seemed to draw the most sarcastic comments (emailed to us) related to World Toilet Day.
  • The educational post on the Means of Egress has received the most clicks our of our education topics
  • We started our podcast which is titled “Code Talk.”  Now its just a matter of making at consistent feature of the site.
  • Our favorite character has made several new faces thanks to Building Official Jim Rowell.  The Code Weenie adds some flavor to the site

As we move into 2009 there will be more changes to the site included a members area that will be full of informaiton, documents, training, and additional features that will be exclusive to members.

We wanted to thank all of you for a great 2008 and look forward to expanding in 2009!

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