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2008 ICC Code Forum, How Can I be Involved

The 2008 International Code Council (ICC) code forum runs from February 18, 2008 through March 1, 2008.  The ICC has published a schedule of the various hearings.  The hearings are broken down into two tracks which run simultaneously.  The ICC provides a great service where you can watch the hearings live from your computer (equipped with an Internet connection). 

 The committee hearings are based on the proposed 2007/2008 code changes.   The changes are broken down based on the proposed code the change will affect.  Some of the codes have dual impact and may be found in one section in lieu of the proposed code.  The hearings that are broadcast include many items.  You will notice a moderator who runs each code change.  The proposed change is assigned a number (letter abbreviation and number) which is then put for comment on the floor.  Any member of the ICC can voice their comments to the committee.  Once the comments are completed the moderator turns the change over to the code committee.

 The code committee will then debate the issue and provide a vote.  After the vote is complete the moderator will ask if the floor has any motions.  The ICC members can ask for a floor vote.  The floor vote does not have impact on the code change although it is reflected on the final action hearings (will take place in September 2008). 

So why should you (the inspector) attend or tune into the event?  This is a great chance to learn the “intent” behind the code.  It provides technical justification when you look towards enforcing the future code.  The process can seem overwhelming at first blush, just review the schedule and tune intothe code that you have a passion for.  If you have time follow along in the proposed changes and watch the fun!    

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